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First, THANKS very much for a GREAT site and some SMART folks. I did't know what I was doing so I read a lot of what you had to say. This is my gift to wife for 39 years of patient tolerance and I hope I'm doing it right.

Current Equipment Setup: (Wife wants NO wires and one remote)

Whole House TVSS installed. Surge Suppressor outlet at TV mount. Tripp-Lite Surge suppressor for line voltage, coax cables, computer cables installed in 5'x2'x3' enclosed base cabinet. Ventilated with Cool Components 90mm HiFlo Lite Vent w/88 degree thermostat. All AV on one CB.

Stacked in base cabinet:

Yamaha 765 HD receiver (does NOT have HD radio tuner, alternative below)

Cable Co HD DVR cnvtr box

Samsung 1600 BD Blu-ray

Sony XDR-F1HD AM/FM tuner with Hillel Hachlili's Nokia Lithium battery backup mod'n (the convincing reason to buy this Sony tuner)

Speakers: 5.1 in-wall, in-ceiling Polks in main viewing room, Subwoofer located inside cabinet at other end of room from other equip rack

Speakers: 2 Outdoor Polks on patio connected via Niles amp mod controller

Speakers: 2 Outdoor Polks in garage connected via Niles amp mod controller

Antennas: Located in attic is an amplified HD (?? it's really just UHF, right?) antenna joined with a cheap rabbit ears VHF antenna via a combiner. A single cable leads from these downstairs to the AV cabinet and provides the signals for OTA AM/FM/TV.


(AV receiver HDMI 1 In) Cable Co HD DVR cnvtr box

(AV receiver HDMI 2 In) Samsung 1600 BD Blu-ray

(AV receiver ??????? In) Cable Co cable not via HD DVR cnvtr box

(AV receiver ??????? In) OTA cable from attic

(AV receiver ??????? In) Sony XDR-F1HD tuner

(AV rcvr HDMI 1 Out) Cable Co HD DVR cnvtr box signal to TV

(AV rcvr HDMI 2 Out) Samsung 1600 BD Blu-ray signal to TV

(AV rcvr ?????????? Out) Cable Co cable not via HD DVR cnvtr to TV

(AV rcvr ?????????? Out) OTA TV station signals to TV

Single HDMI 1.3a Output 30' goes under house/in walls across room to Samsung UN46B8000 TV

All functions are controlled by a Harmony 900 universal remote.

I want to simultaneously run the 3 different antenna setups because I'm on 6-month rate-reduction plan for HD cable/decoder box. I'd like to be able to compare the quality of reception and satisfaction received from the 3 options--very expensive, less expensive, no cost. Also, in each mode, there are some channels I do not receive on the other two.

The reason I have holes in the above is because I've run each setup individually and they work fine. It's just a "pain in the butuski" switching back and forth. I'm waiting to receive some good quality connectors before I can hookup the OTA antennas to the receiver and tuner. I'm hoping I can run all the TV inputs through the av rcvr and over to the Samsung via the single 30' hdmi cable as I'm doing now. AND, I hoping the Harmony can be used to run the whole show.

I'd appreciate any of you experts pointing out problems I've not considered and any suggestions would be most appreciated. If there are some special parts I need to order, please let me know so I can get on it.

Thanks in advance to you all and have a GREAT day.



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From what I can see that receiver has 4 HDMI inputs so you can hook 4 devices to it, use it to switch and pass one signal out to the Samsung TV.

(AV receiver HDMI 1 In) Cable Co HD DVR cnvtr box - ok

(AV receiver HDMI 2 In) Samsung 1600 BD Blu-ray - ok

(AV receiver ??????? In) Cable Co cable not via HD DVR cnvtr box - HDMI 3

(AV receiver ??????? In) OTA cable from attic - would require an external tuner, check the synopsis at the top of this forum for what's available - HDMI 4

(AV receiver ??????? In) Sony XDR-F1HD tuner - from what I can tell only had RCA outs so it would just go to an available RCA (red+white) input on the receiver.

I'm not sure why you're listing 4 outputs there.

Also I highly doubt you'll see any difference between the DVR and non DVR HD from the cable company unless there's a major difference in the STB tuners they are providing.
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