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Hello there.

Look I have a receiver that has multichanel in and toslink, I hear music and play games and all with DTS connect activate,x fi crys,cmss-3d in stero sourround,

If I connect the analog multichanel with rca to the receiver I will get 5.1 sound in games exactly, BTW I cant hear so much difference between dts connect and analog multich RCA, last weeks I have been downloading flac mutich audio at 96khz actually just 2 tracks from here http://2l.no/hires/index.html .

Now i can see that it sounds better, but in some places the sound its like distorded dont know its for the quality of the tracks or my componets.

I have a X-fi Titanium connected to this recevier Sony HT-DDW1500.

Also everyone recomend to connect it to analog but in normal mp3 I hear better sound using the dts connect and the setup above.

Also when watching movies I just do spdfi passtrough and can hear the movies in the normal dts or dd, but I've read that the DAC of the X-fi its much better than most receiver, im confused but that means than I can configure my pc to the x-fi encode the audio and sent to the analog rca?

Dont know how to do this or even if it can be done.

I want you to tell me what config I should use to games, normal mp3s, flac and movies.

BTW with flac audio Im using MPC-HC
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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