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I just purchased the Yamaha NS-SP1 800BL surround speaker package, which includes the SW012 subwoofer. The subwoofer has a single line (RCA) input while the Sony STR D350Z only accepts speaker wire connections. Another problem, the STR D350Z does not have a designated channel for a subwoofer. It has the following.

Front R & L (A & B)

Rear R & L


Plus RCA ins and outs for video. Is it even possible for me to hook up this subwoofer to my Sony receiver???

Subwoofer manual: http://static.tigerdirect.com/pdf/Yamaha-YST-SW012-Subwoofer-Manual.pdf

Receiver manual: http://static.tigerdirect.com/pdf/Yamaha-YST-SW012-Subwoofer-Manual.pdf

* Note that the receiver manual includes instructions for the DE505 which has a subwoofer input. The D350Z does not have a designated subwoofer input.

I'm willing to try anything. Help is very much appreciated!!

Thank you,
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