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I have a 3-yr old pc I built (Intel BadAxe2 / Intel Core2 Duo E6600 / DDR2 800 3GB / ATI Radeon X1650XT / Seagate 320GB SATA3.0 7200.10 / NEC ND3550A DVDRW / Seagate 250GB UltraATA100 / Samsung FDD / PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 / Win XP Pro).

I also have a RP-LCD that died and SO did my DVD Recorder. In the same week. I'm looking squinty eyed at the Monster Power Center, but I suppose such coincidences do happen.

Anyway, rather than buy another DVD Recorder, I'ma thinking I may try to convert the old PC to a "lite" HTPC. Now, I say "Lite" because all I want to be able to do with it is plug in the FiOS DVR to rip the occasional show or movie that I have DVR'd to DVD. I don't really want media server capabilities ...actually Verizon slapped some software on the other PC which lets me access ripped CDs, graphics, etc. over the network.

I'm not very knowledgable about HTPC hardware.

Is there something that will let me plug in the DVR to the PC, rip a DVD, maybe archive some old VHS tapes.

I'd like to clean up the system configuration and pull some old hardware (like the VCR) that I really don't use much any more.

What advice can you guys give me?

Thanks for any wisdom you can offer !
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