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How to deal with heat given off by LCD?

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I am posting this for a friend. He has a 52" Samsung LCD (A650, I believe).

It's the middle of summer and the unit is giving off a lot of heat, raising the temperature of the room significantly.

What are the best methods for dissipating the heat? So far he's installed a fan, but it has only helped a little.

I've searched the forum and most of the threads seem to deal with whether or not heat will damange the electronics, but not the effect of the heat on people...

Any feedback is appreciated.

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I would put an A/C in the room. If a standard one is not possbile they do make portable ones
Lcd is not suppose to give off much heat, something could be wrong. he's lucky it's a plasma. those things are like space heaters.
Something like this?

It's made of coke bottles, so practically FREE.

But seriously, how much $ and effort is your friend willing to dispense? I see an enclosed entertainment center, in wall-sunken kinda thing, and the top of the wall would be open to vent the heat so it doesn't (or little of it) gets vented into the room itself.
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At this point we're just seeing what the options are. The TV sits on top of table like thing, so it's not enclosed in a cabinet. Plus 52" is pretty big and it's a narrow room, so the heat is probably bound to be felt.

I guess we're wondering if it's a common problem.

Originally Posted by Chancellor Todd /forum/post/16897503

I guess we're wondering if it's a common problem.

The fact that you searched and did not find any thread on the subject told u right off the bat it's not an issue here.

My next question to u is, is your friend feeling uncomfortable enough to do anything about it, or is he willing to "take it" like the rest of us?

It's totally plausible, due to the room shape, as u mentioned, the location of the TV, the hot air never get vent outside. Think airflow in the room.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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