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How to defeat SVM on RCA F38310?

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I think the header pretty much sums up the thread. I could tolerate it if it wasn't so damned aggressive (SVM that is)! Anyway, my local area tech. won't disable it as the set is still under Circuit City's extended warranty.

Anyway, can have a great picture (I believe it uses the same tube as the Loewe Aconda).

Any help would be appreciated.


Sam M.
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Send private message to Dr.Joe he has his own website dedicated to the F38310 and a few hyperlinks to help. To disable the Scan Velocity Modulator you will have to take off the back panel and unclip the orange wire and leave it hanging, then put back on again. What I did was to move the sharpess to zero as this is the activating point of the SVM. I have a open box and warranty has nearly run out but I don't need to pull the heavy on your back set out to do the above, I am satiisfied with what I have done. View is great I use a Progressive Scan DVD player w/built in line doubler, rather than forcing the set to do a 480p.
It can only be compeletely disabled by taking the back off of the set.

You then have to remove a 'jumper cable'. Not "cut it"!!!!

There is a clip easily removed from either end...

I have tried to PM "Dr.Joe" and I keep getting a message that states that User Name is not valid?

I put the User Name as it appeared in this thread...

My name is "DrJoe", -- no period.

Go to my home page (link below) and check out the F38310 FAQ. There are instructions with pictures how to disable SVM. It requires taking off the back of the set and pulling a cable. There are additional pictures of the internal workings of the set in the document Rats mentioned -- which is also linked to from my site.

Good luck,

Sorry about that I thought you were a doctor of something, my mistake putting the period behind the r. I apologize to the subject poster in making you work hard to find him. I believe what he has is worth the wait he is quite knowledegable about what my open box contains and yur and rats purchase also, long live crt.
Hey -- no apologies are necessary. It's not like it's insulting having a period put in your name.

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