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How to force 16:9 Ratio on a Sony KP-53HS10

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I recently bought a kp-53hs10. ~5-yrs old, but it still has an excellent picture

I have my DVR hooked up to input #4 on this set (using S-video). I want to force the aspect ratio to 16:9, but the TV menu has this option "greyed out".

I know I can can change it to 16:9 with input #5 (which is the only input that does 480P or 1080i on this TV) but this has my OTA HDTV tuner hooked up to it.

Is there a way to change the aspect ratio on any of the inputs besides #5?

Thanks in Advance
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I have the 53" XBR model also 5 years old. The answer to your question is NO. I use a component switch to attach multiple devices to input 5.

Not what I was hoping to hear, but thank you anyway.
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