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How to import hex code into MX-700

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I have been looking for VID7 and VID8 discretes for my Sony KDS-60A2000 tv without much luck. I finally found some codes but am really confused on what to do with them. I found some Pronto Hex Codes for both, found some other codes that require a JP-1 remote and I have the "number" that Harmony uses for VID7 for this TV.

Can anyone help me? Thanks everyone -
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Find a friend with a Pronto and learn the IR codes into your 700 from it.
Thats a good question and knowing how to cut and paste hex codes is verry helpful b/c it opens up tons of resources for IR codes that aren't in the MX editior library (like VID 7). Remote central has tons of that stuff in the Pronto section, in Discrete Hunter and so on..

Go download the latest version of Pronto Edit. Once installed, open it and for the "New Configuration" prompt click TSU2000 remote. Then once opened to a blank gray screen click on the "Devices" word just on the left under "Home"...it should highlight in blue.

Then from top pull down menu choose Device -> Add Device...a + sould appear next to the blue highlighted "Devices" Click the + and then click the word device that appears in lower case below. You can right click to rename it the brand of the device for the hex codes you want to paste. After that find the drop down "Panel" list and click "add panel" ...a little box should appear with a thin black line around it. That would be your screen on a pronto but we're just using it for buttons. Then what i do is drag some buttons onto the panel and name them. Goto th drop down "tools" and click Gallery. Drag and drop as many buttons as there are hex code commands. Once you have the buttons on the panel right click to name them what ever the command is your pasting. Once that is done go to where you're getting the hex string from and "Ctrl C" it (copy). Go back into pronto edit and double click on the button that you named for the command you just copied.

In the button properties pormpt under "action" click "set IR" ...then click "View IR" and a test box should pop up below. THIS IS WHERE YOUR PASTE THE HEX. Once pasted click OK for first screen. .... then click Apply for second. Your button should have a shadow behind it almost. This is good. Repeat for all hex codes and then save some where easy so you can find it later.

Open MX editor with your remote template where you want the codes we just did to go. This is what that "Universal Browser" is used for. Click it , its the second to last icon on the top just before the SAT icon for live update. Then click the file folder to browse for the file you just saved in pronto edit. Once you find it you can see the names of the buttons and you can drag from universal browser and drop into MX remote. They will show up to you as learned IR. Download and test them and your done.
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