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How to input HDMI multichannel audio to PC (for processing)

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I would like to know if there is a way (#cheap) to input multichannel digital audio (uncompressed) to my PC for processing thru EqualizerAPO (and rePhase).

The thing is, almost all my media come from my HTPC (movies, music, netflix, games, etc.), so sound process that is no problem. The only product that it's left apart is my Playstation 4.

Getting a Blackmagic Intensity capture device it's a little too much, as I don't need to input video, only audio to my PC (besides it seems it only caputres stereo sound from HDMI). I've searched soundcards with HDMI input, and found a couple from ASUS but they are almost 10 years old! (HDMI v1.3 and such).

Is there any other way I am not finding?

My idea is:

Playstation 4 --> HDMI Splitter --> 1st HDMI to TV and the 2nd to HDMI input to HTPC

-. I know I will need my htpc turned on to have sound;
-. I know I might get a delay between video and audio;
-. I know it only would work with uncompressed unencrypted audio and not bitstreamed, possibly losing ATMOS or DTS-X on future games or consoles (or other HDMI devices).

Thanks and looking forward to your enlightment
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I also use EqualizerAPO (great isn't it?), some years ago I was in your position so also been looking for a cheap way to do this but came up with nothing. Here are the only options I found;

1.) Professional hdmi capture card/devices, there are several models, they all capture 1080p video as well as 6 channel LPCM, they are all priced in the high-thousands. I did some research anyway and found there would be only minimal delay (likely unnoticeable for most games) if you have a fast PC.

2.) Sound card with spdif digital input (and a hdmi->spdif box). Cheap, minimal delay with a decent sound card but only supports stereo input.

3.)Buy a DAC, decode to analogue, input 6 channel analogue into PC via cheap soundcard. I did try this, but it added too much delay for me, and the sound quality wasn't great but I used a very cheap DAC I borrowed.

This probably won't be helpful but my eventual solution was the ditch the consoles altogether and stick to PC games only. That was a few years ago, I haven't missed consoles one bit.
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