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How to install a Model C HP pulldown screen?

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I just got a dalite model C with high power screen and want to know how best to install it to my wall. I am thinking about buying a 1"x6" piece of board the length of my screen and screwing that onto the wall. And then attaching the screen to the board that is screwed into the wall.

My question is are there any other ways you would recommend I do this instead?

What kind of screws do I use to screw the board into the wall?

How do I attach the screen to the board? Do I use hooks? Screws? Not sure how best to do it?

Any help you guys have with installing a screen for the first time would be helpful. I tried searching the board for older posts, but could not find any.

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I pretty much did what you suggested. I used two short pieces of wood and drilled a hole in both and countersunk them so that I could pass a flush fitting bolt through, with its head being agains the wall. I then inserted the bolt so its thread was protruding away from the wall.

Then I attached the board to the wall by nailing it into the studs. Finally I used the mounting holes on the ends of the screen housing to pass the bolt threads through, put a nut on the end and viola. The only trick is making sure you measure the distance between the bolts correctly ESPECIALLY when installing the second board. Of course if you use one board you can do away with that aspect of it.

Hope that helps.
That was a quick response. I was just wondering why you went with two short boards.

Do you mean you have one short board for the left side and one short board for the right side?

How many nails did you use to nail it in? And about how long are the nails?

This is very helpful to know what you actually did.

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The Dalite Model C has wall installation brackets available from Dalite.

The brackets mount on the rear of the screen case,and are adjustible so the mounting holes can be aligned with wall studs. Use the largest screws that wiil fit through the bracket holes,and long enough to go through the drywall or plaster and about 2 inches or so into the stud.
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