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Alright everyone, I am moving into a new house in a few weeks, and I am looking at getting either a HTiB or receiver/speaker combination. The catch is that the house is installed with in-ceiling speakers in every room, including on the patio outside. What I am wondering is how I would integrate these speakers with my home theater setup, whatever it may be, mainly from a technical sound point, but also from a sound standpoint. From my understanding, a HTiB would not cut it because there would be nowhere to plug in the built in speakers, and I am not sure if it could power all the speakers throughout the hosue. So if I went with a receiver like the Onkyo 606, how would i plug in the built in speakers relative to my actual theater speakers (likely just 2 floor standing speakers for now, maybe the R50s from frys)? My understanding of the connections from these built-in speakers is simply one main line that runs to every speaker in the house (L/R), and you just control the sound for each room individually with a knob located in each room.

I definitely want to be able to utilize these speakers in general, and it would be nice if I could use the ones in the living room as surround speakers, I am just not sure, quite frankly, how I would plug them in? Does anyone have any experience with stuff like this?

Thanks ahead of time, I greatly appreciate any help/advice.

P.S. - I would wait until I moved into my house, but I really need to jump on the ebay 25% deal to make this afforable for me.....
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