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How to manually add QAM channels to Panny TH-42PX80U (TH-C42HD18) ?

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Our local Comcast (Ft. Myers, FL) has their QAM channel data all screwed up (a bunch of channels are grouped/duplicated together with IDs of 1-1, 1-2, etc.) and my new TH-C42HD18 seems to have trouble resolving this. I was picking up the channels fine earlier this week, but now I can no longer get a couple of them. Not sure if it's a signal issue or what... already tried plugging the cable feed direct from the outside into the TV and did a rescan but it did not help. I have a 2-3 year old 32" LG LCD that has no problem picking up the screwy channel numbers.

I can pick up all the clear QAMs via my AutumnWave OnAir USB GT laptop tuner, and can see all the QAM frequencies for them.

For instance, the Panny will no longer display the local NBC station Comcast has marked as 1-1. My laptop tuner shows this to be on QAM channel 77-7. Problem is if I punch 77-7 into the Panny, it says no signal.
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