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I've been trying and looking for on the net and user manuals how to set up NSF for playback files I have on my MacBook.

That's why I do have:

TViX M-5000A. Firmware 2.2.0.A

MacBook with MAC OS 10.5

NFS Manager 3.3

I've added within the NFS Manager the folder I want to share under NFS Server section, Share Definitions part. The folder is called /Users/my_name/Music/mp3. In the Options, I've checked "Share Read Only". On User Mapping, I've tried all four options (with no success).

When I test the server, via the NFS Manager, everything is Ok.

On the TViX, I've indicated the name of the server (the same I see in NFS Server when testing: my_name-mackbook) and the corresponding IP address.

When I try to connect to it, I get: Error - Unable to connect to disk.

Can some body help please ??? I don't know what I'm doing wrong :-S


P.S. I'd like to do this without any configuration via the CLI.
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