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For the past year I've been taking downloaded videos on a USB stick and playing them through a Philips 5990_37 DVD player on a Samsung HDTV. Except for those that have been letterboxed, they play full screen without having to adjust the TV. Typically, the format is .AVI (typically DivX). Lately however, I've been getting some .mp4 videos like the following:

Container_: MP4

Video_____: x264/CAVLC 832x468 25fps 1400Kbps Main/L3.1

Audio_____: AAC 128Kbps VBR 2 channels 44.1KHz

Played through the Philips, the audio is fine but the video returns a codec not supported error. When I convert to DivX/.MP4, or to .AVI, leaving the resolution the same, there is always an unsupported resolution or format error. I have been able to convert the files successfully to .AVI at 640x480 resolution, though they play on the TV just a little smaller than a 16:9, that is, with a lot of black space all around. OTOH, WMV conversions at 640x480 play full screen (when they are playable), but the file size grows 3-4x, often to several gigabytes, which isn't very practical.

The Philips manual says it supports .mp4 video with DivX, but with these videos it seems more complicated than that. What am I missing here? Is there a newer version of .mp4 that's not supported by the Philips (last firmware in 2008)? Thanks,
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