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How to post pics on forum?

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I'm sure that this has been answered before, but could someone please tell me how to post a picture on this forum so that the picture itself (not a file attachment which you have to 'click on') appears in the post?


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Ditto! I'd like to know as well.
You have to use the image button "IMG". However the photo must be hosted on a website. When you press the button, you'll enter a web address, not a file name.
Here's a good site for free picture hosting:

They will even generate a thumbnail that you can post, with a link to the full image.

Like this:
http://img239.exs.cx/img239/8974/render39vu.jpg http://img239.exs.cx/img239/8974/render39vu.th.jpg

or you can post the full size picture in your post, like this...

Basically all you do is copy the URL that imageshack gives you (after you upload, it says "Direct link to image"). Then you just put
[ img ] http :// whatever link they give you.jpg [ / img ]

(without the extra spaces)
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Ditto to what Clarence said.

Some sites like Webshots, Tripod, etc. won't work.
Thanks, Clarence, for the lesson and the link!

Yes- Thank you Clarence et al!
Just used imageshack and Clarence's instructions to post a pic. It worked PERFECTLY. Thanks again, Clarence. I learn something new every day on this forum!!


I'm not having much luck with the 'thumbnails.' I'm sure that it has to do with how much information I'm including between the beginning and the ending [IMG]. I find, for example, that when I copy/paste the URL provided by Image Shack for the full image, I have to omit certain information from the pasted URL or it doesn't work. Guess I have to keep experimenting. Thank heavens for the testing forum here at AVS.

Here is how I do it: Find the Jpeg on the net, click to enlarge the photo, then right click on the photo and go to "PROPERTIES", then COPY. I then hit Enter twice (here in this post)

Then click on "IMG", delete the AVS "http" because the URL will enter it with the IMG command automatically. Then right click and PASTE the photo address (URL) into AVS IMG command. Then when it posts it is opened. I hopes this is helpful.

Thanks, hometheaterguy. I think, however, that you left out one step. After clicking on 'Properties', a 'Properties Elements' box will appear. It is then necessary to highlight the address in that box. THEN you can copy (CNTRL + C). With that, I really like your method. Works like a charm.

Good eye, yes you have to highlight the jpeg address (URL) before you copy it.
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