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how to rack mount 20" wide equipment?

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I am moving my HT into my new house. I have several Rack mountable professional amps that I use for my subs and whole house audio that I will rack mount into a wall with standard Rack Rails. However, what do I do with my "High End" equipment - Theta Casablanca processor and Sunfire Cinema Grand? These units are about 2 inches wider than all my other stuff.

Amy suggestions?

thanks gordon
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I had the same issue with my Krell amps. I ended up just sitting them in a stack at the bottom of the rack (i.e. not using any rack mounting hardware). That worked okay, but did look bad. Couldn't think of any alternatives other than moving the amps into another location.

One thing you may want to think about is to build your own rack out of rack rails like this:


So you could build yourself a mini-rack for the width you need just for those pieces of audio gear.

Won't fit. Have to upgrade or build a separate enclosure next to your rack that is wider. All of sunfire's new stuff is rackmountable, but the older versions were not. 20" is more than the rack will fit physically.
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