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How to remove anti-glare coating?

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Hello everyone, i have a 65" diamond series mitsubishi tv amd the maid in her infinite wisdom decided to clean it with what looks to be windex... Now all you can see during the day is giant blotches of where the coating is left. I feel my only option is to compeltely remove all of the anti-glare coating that is left. Does anyone know how i should go about doing this sense i have never done it? Thanks in advance!
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Can the protective screen be removed ?

I told my maid ahhhh I mean wife to never clean any of my toys :p
I'm not sure if the protective screen can be removed on it, the tv is a Mitsubishi WS-65813
Sorry to bump this thread but does no one know how to remove the anti-glare coating?
Probably more of what she did would work. Windex has ammonia which is known to remove Window tint among other things.
Thanks for the reply Scott, i am a little afraid to just go dousing the screen in more windex for fear of ruining something else or further degrading picture quality. Can anyone confirm that wiping it down in windex will remove the rest of the anti-glare coating while not effecting anything else? Thanks!
I removed the protective screen on my older Mitsubishi TV before I upgraded to my current plasma. It was a pretty simple procedure of un-screwing a few screws on the bottom of the screen under the speaker grill. Sliding the screen up and off, then unscrewing the brackets that kept the screen elements together, the protective screen just slid out then. It made a world of difference to me, the glare on that screen was horrible with it on.

I found a thread about the procedure in the FAQ sticky at the top of this forum, under the Mitsubishi section. I can’t post it since this login is under 5 posts... :(

Good luck!
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