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How to remove lenses on 8500?

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Just want to get a better look at just how burned/worn the tubes are, and it wouldn't hurt to start learning how to break this thing down anyway.

Any tips?
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Just remove the 4 small hex (allen wrench) bolts at the corner of each HD-8 lens.

Not the large bolts... those are for scheimpflug adjustment.
thanks... that's what I was thinking, but didn't want to break anything.

Any tips on where on earth to find long allen drivers, it seems you need them in several sizes to work on this thing... and I don't have 'em.
I've got a handy kit from Home Depot with drill bits, allen heads, torx, misc drivers, extensions, etc.
Ace Hardware, or really any hardware store, will have them. 4mm long handled T driver. Long handled as in, at least as long as the lens body.
I like the allen sockets, personally. A socket wrench with a couple of extensions and your set
anybody have a handy list of the various sizes of wrenches (allen and otherwise) needed to work on an 8500?
Allen sockets 3/16 + 9/64 and an extension of 9 inches (not shorter) + a socket wrench (they're the best cuz once you set the lock you never have to remember in what direction you're working), screwdrivers. A small penlight is very handy cause those bolts dwell in dark places.

That's all you really need.
Thanks everyone!
oh, I forgot: you can use one 7/16 socket too.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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