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How to run RCA cables to different rooms??

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How are you gusy running RCA cables to other rooms from your distribution system?

Here at work, the conference rooms use a small multi conductor cable and the installers solderd on the RCA plugs. That way they can get the correct length they needed.

What cable is that and where can I get it from?

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Just use Coax and F-Type to RCA adapters, if you already have a coax crimping tool.

Thanks, I currently have that setup for my subwoofer.

I was looking for a smaller footprint as the coax would fill up my conduit pretty quickly.


Here it is:

2 channel audio and S-Video fused together


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Check out something like this http://www.gepco.com/products/cablen...nchansnake.htm

All of the cable is video rated so it should be good for any type of video, digital audio, analog audio, etc.

This is the 'mini' version
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