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first of all, great forum!

i will be picking up my 60" 2020 and the toshiba hd-d3 tonite. my old tv (55" Mitsubishi) that i purchased 6 years ago finally died (RIP). when i bought that tv, i bought an onkyo a/v receiver (TX SR600) and bose speakers. since the receiver and speaker are still good, i don't see the point of upgrading them at the moment. my dilemma is this: since the receiver doesn't HDMI, how do i go about in hooking the whole system up and be able to enjoy the same crisp, clear pictures one see at TV stores? so to reinterate here's the system:
  • Sony KDS-60A2020
  • Toshiba HD-D3
  • Onkyo A/V Receiver TX SR600
  • XBox 360 w' HDMI
  • Bose Speaker system

the speakers are still hooked up to the receiver. i would like to know on how to go about in hooking the tv, hd dvd player, and XBox 360. a step by step advice will be most welcome.

thanks in advance.

*forgot to mention that i don't have cable or satellite, only over-the-air antenna. i will be mostly using this system watching dvd's and playing video games.
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