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How to show a white slide on the ST30 without the Viera word popping up around the screen?

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I've asked this question and I have not figured it out. When I first ran the D-nice slides on my 60ST30 I was able to do it with no problem. Also last month I ran a single white slide for over 48 hours without issue. Every time I try to run the single white slide again now, I get the word Viera popping up. It appears. Then disappears and pops up somewhere else on the screen. How do I stop this?

I need to figure this out asap.

thank-you very much for your help,

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Maybe a previous firmware updated added a Viera screen saver that senses inactivity? No way to turn it off in the eco menu or anything?

In the meantime, maybe try making a copy of your white slide but give it a different file name, then put just those two files on your USB drive and run a slideshow at the slowest setting. Maybe it will seemlessly toggle back and forth between the two slides.
I actually did put two slides on the SD card. Maybe I will try only one slide this time. I did do a firmware upgrade recently though. I will check the "inactivity" settings again. Thanks. I am actually selling the TV. I am just trying to reduce any IR that the TV may have. Of course, I am the only person who strains to see it...lol...my sister and friend think I'm insane, but, thats the life of a videophile...
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It's working now. I don't know why its different now.
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