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How to slow down a DVD-rom player?

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I have 16x Pioneer DVD-rom and I would like to slow it down to 8x or even 4x if it’s possible when I listen to music or movies, does anyone know a software capable of such task?

Thanx in advance.
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You didn't list your model number, but do a quick google seach and you will to find a utility that will slow the pioneer drive down to 1X for quietest operation. Drew
Try to look in www.pioneeraus.com.au.

It should be there cause I download from this site.
Hey Hey, damn I like it when it's that easy :)

Thanx guys.
I use a program called "CD-Rom Tool" it can be found at:


BTW:Just do a search for it

How did you manage that.

I have the pioneer utility and in "Quiet" mode it only slows down to 9x on their 16x dvd slot load drive.

Still sounds like a vacuum cleaner in the corner...I hate it. What drive can you select 1x? With what software?
Unfortunately "CD-Rom Tool" doesn't effect how DVD's are played. This is a quote directly from the readme txt "As for DVD drives, CD-ROM Tool may be able to control the way the drive behaves when it's reading CD-ROMs/Rs/RWs, but I would not expect it to control the way the drive behaves when reading DVD-ROMs. Any control CD-ROM Tool has over the speed at which a DVD drive reads a DVD is just a fluke. I do not own a DVD drive, let alone one that allows DVD speed changing, so I haven't yet been able to add that functionality."
Yeah, but how the hell do you slow down a pioneer drive to 1x as is claimed above??

I have the DVD utility program from pioneer...it produces 9x minnimum....

I'd kill for 1x..

registry hack?

other software?

firmware version?

new dvd drive?

- I'm using a 106s with 1.22 firmware..
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I use CD Bremse. It slows down my Creative drive to 1x essentially becoming silent.


The installation is in German but the app is in English.


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