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How to stream from my HP Mediasmart WHS to Dvico Tvix M-6500A

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Any help on how to stream from my HP Mediasmart WHS to Dvico Tvix M-6500A ?

Thank you !
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Couldn't be easier.....

Two options

1) Install the Dvico netshare app (remember to use remote desktop to launch). You need to configure Netshare and point it to the directory that contains your files. I always call my share tvixhd1 (not sure if that is strictly needed any more but better safe than sorry) Configure the 6500 to use NFS and give it the IP address of the WHS and the name of your share

2) Configure your media files directory in WHS as a 'share' and allow public read access. Then go to the 6500 use SAMBA this time and point it to the IP address of the WHS and the name of your share.

Couple of points....

A) I would suggest you do both of the above. Although both NFS/Samba work fine for Hi-Def I find some ISO's work better on NFS and some AVI files work better with Samba. You have four network slots on the 6500 anyway so just use two of them

B) Netshare is an application not a service. That means that if the WHS reboots then it will not be launched. To launch you remote desktop to the WHS (at which point it starts) then close the session. Netshare will continue to run in the background.

For example MS applied an automatic patch this week and the WHS rebooted to apply it. Therefore I lost NFS until I rdc'd back in.

All in all though it will work great.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much !!!!
Hello again.

I tried everything the way it was instructed. Still no way to connect I get the message "Error unable to connect to disk"

-Netshare is running in the WHS and the sharing is active.

-the Videos folder is in shared and can be freely accessed.

Any hints or tips? Thank you!
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Your firewall is probably enabled on your WHS box. Try disabling your firewall and see if that works.
just curious, is the ftp in the 6500 part of the firmware/ That is, is it probable that newer firmware will address the problems associated with streaming? At the moment, using SmartFTP, the 6500 keeps diconnecting and reconnecting every few minutes. More often than not, I have to reboot the 6500 to get a connection. Not good when trying to upload or download. I'm using wifi and most times the netshare feature works for mp3, flac and shoutcast but iso - studders. Latest firmware, netshare latest as well
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