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How To Stream Hava To XBMC Xbox via VLC (Vidoelan)

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Ok got this to work for streaming from my Hava at my cable box

via VLC (videolan) to my softmodded XBOXs running XBMC. Hava

and the Xbox are fantastic devices but I have struggled with

getting Hava to stream to soft modded XBOX running XBMC. This

is the second best thing to streaming direct...

Now there isn't any control over the Hava device to change

channels from the XBOX and what not but I did this so I can watch

content on my cable box DVR in other rooms in the house where

I have deployed these xbox's running xbmc.

Also be advised if you are using dhcp for your ip addresses on your

LAN they may change from time to time..you may have to update

your .strm file settings and your VLC settings to reflect those changes.

Essentially what you do is:

- Create .strm file that has the URL pointing to the pc thats running VLC

- Open VLC and configure to Open Network Stream

- Stream that Open Network Stream to XBMC XBOX

A. To Prepare XBOX running XBMC For Video Streaming

Note: This is very brief details for more info please see the xbmc.org

website for setting up streaming .strm file

1. Open up Notepad and create a simple text file with the following:

- This will be the ip address of the pc running VLC

2. Save the file as text file (Save As) and encapsulate the file name

in commas for example "Hava.strm". That will ensure that the file

is save as a .strm file

3. Using ftp or FileZilla connect to your XBMC'd XBOX and place

the .strm file in the following directory:


- Your locations may vary depending on build, etc.

Note: You can place the .strm file on a shared SMB location on a different pc

as long as your XBOX can browse for it and find it.

4. Then go into XBMC and Add Source and navigate via the

Browse button and select "Video playlists" click OK

and in the Add Video Source screen edit as you see fit

for name and then click Add and then Ok

5. You then go back to Videos and you should now see

your source you just added.

B. To Stream From HAVA To XBMC via VLC

1. Open VLC

2. From toolbar Media > Open Network Stream

3. Select Network tab and then click on Protocol

and set it to RTSP

4. Enter the IP address of the Hava thats on your local

network. To determine this go to Hava Player

- Click on Player > Settings > Tools tab

- IP Address is displayed under Hava Information

5. On VLC, at the bottom of the form nest to Play

button is a small drop down list of values button

Click on that and select Stream

6. The Source window then displays with the RTSP

protocol and Hava ip address displayed

7. Click Next button or Destination Bar in the form

8. In New Destination field select HTTP and click

Add button

9. Enter the IP address of the local pc where you are

running VLC. You can find this by going to command

window or dos window and entering ipconfig that will

display your ip address.

10. The port should be 8080

11. Click on Transcoding Options and select profile:

Video - WMV + WMA (ASF)

12. Then click the tools button next to the profile

and in Video Codec and Audio Codec tab screens

click "Keep original video track" and "Keep

original audio track" and click on Save button

13. Then click Stream at bottom of screen

14. Go to XBOX XBMC and navigate to Videos and locate

the stream source and click on it, you will see

cog or bearings rotate in upper right and in a few

seconds the video stream will appear. Not too bad

quality actually!

15. You can probably play around with the codec but

the default settings seem fine to me and I couldnt

get anything else to work as I am not that brilliant.

Hope this helps out folks...enjoy!
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If you want to run a command line for the above in VLC you can run this in the VLC directory:

vlc -vvv rtsp:// :sout=#std{access=http,mux=asf,dst=}

ip address of the hava:

ip address of the pc running the VLC instance:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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