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I have a sony kd30-xs955 with native resolution of 1080I.

My pc is configured to output 1080I.

Now I would like to test three things: resolution, 3:2 pulldown.

I found this site http://www.w6rz.net/ with different patterns but I am not sure how should I perform my tests. My understanding is:

1. Resolution.

I need a test pattern 1720x1080 that is interlaced. I am not sure if patterns in above site are interlaced or progressive? The pattern would have horizontal alternating lines and after outputting it to my tv I should see solid black and white lines. No flickering.

Can a file be interlaced or they are always progressive? If it is interlaced does it only have 30frames (29.94) and some information that says that in needs to be displayed as interlaced, so odd,even from frame 1, and so on.

2. Pulldown.

The source would be video with black and white lines at 24fps. The codec or the card should apply the 2:3 pulldown, then interlace the video and send it to 1080I tv. Now, if the video has to be interlaced after the pulldown is applied what actually happens??? 24fps to 29.94 and then what? Is 29.94 frames simply sent to tv as odd,even in 60HZ?

Not sure what happens when videos are recorded in 25fps or 50fps?

How the patterns can be used to test my tv?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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