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How weird is this!!!

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Yesterday, I turned on my system to watch TV. Components are 65VT60, FIOS cable box, Marantz 7007 receiver and Oppo 981 DVD player. Cable box is on as is the 7007 and the TV -- picture but no sound. There was no setting pm the 7007 that produced sound. So I turned on the Oppo to play a CD. - set the 7007 to dvd - still no sound. Then for the heck of it I turned on the sound on the tv and the oppo was playing thru the TV - is that even possible? I then turned everything back off - then on again a everything functioned correctly. Only thing is all my settings on Proff 1 and Proff 2 went back to defaults. I changed Custom to SS's settings and they went back too. What the heck happened?
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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