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I have wire ran for the following:  one speaker pair in my kitchen (I ran the wire for an in-series config but that can be changed), one speaker pair in my family room, and two pairs on my back porch (it's long and narrow and had planned on an alternating L,R,L,R config). I have the kitchen and family room wires running to locations for volume controls for each, respectively. 


I have all of THOSE wires running to a central location where I'd like to install the audio hardware. What I'd really like to accomplish, at least, is being able to run all three rooms at the same time, on the same source (multiple sources would be neat but more of a novelty, as all three of these areas are pretty close to one another and I don't see many situations where multiple sources would be anything but obnoxious and confusing). I won't need earth shattering volume (or quality, necessarily) in the kitchen. For the family room, I'd like to be able to get it just a little "too loud" and want high quality (although I'm a musician, I am not an audiophile, so I don't need to hear the sound of the dust hitting the mic diaphragm in the recordings to be happy) stereo sound, and on the back porch I want to be able to annoy the hell out of my neighbors (not that I plan on it, but... ) and it still sound pretty good.


All that said- How you would YOU set it up, considering I would love to have as simple of a hardware setup as possible: 8 total speakers, single receiver, single or no power amp (although I realize that might be impossible without powered speakers which I'd prefer to avoid), and 2 volume controls. I'd love your general theory suggestions and would even be open to brand suggestions (especially regarding the volume controls).


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