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How would you tackle this?

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Hey all,

I've been lurking here for a LONG time and decided that my current space just isn't ideal for a dedicated room. My wife and I have stumbled across a home that could have real potential but I'd like some input. Basements are a rarity here in the Pacific Northwest, but we've found a home with a large one.

Some pics:

At the bottom of the stairs:

To the right:

This space adjacent to the pool table is 15' x 19'. I can see building a wall along the posts for a dedicated space, but there are those 3 windows at one end. Simply building a wall in front of it I fear would bring the room too close to square. Would I make that end the front and just pack it with sound deadening material?

So many people have built that I'm hoping someone has a couple good ideas. This is the best I've found in regards to having a dedicated space.

I really appreciate any/all input. :cool:
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The windows are irrelevant you can hang some curtains or blinds, so from the outside they look normal, then cover them up with the proper sound material. A square room won't kill you either with the proper acoustic treatment. You need to figure out how many seats you want and need to look at height for seat riser. How tall is the ceiling. One thing I have learned on this site if you have a desire there is away. From the pictures it appears to be a very good space.
How many seats do you really need (versus want)?

Those large windows aren't irrelevant, if you are aiming for more then a good looking room.
It is just my wife and I so 2 great seats is all we NEED. Would probably try and buy some decent rocking theater seats to be able to host a few more people, but no fancy seats in the back row. I want the room to function regardless of how it looks. Two walls are underground, but I had considered clips/channel (Ceiling obviously, and then I 'spose if you built a wall along those posts but used clips, you could make it so the drywall isnt touching them?). In that case, the windows would matter, as clips/channel are irrelevant if I just use curtains.

We are talking to the seller's agent today, but I just wanted to get a head start on the thought process. How would you do it Tedd? I'd just build a wall a few inches off the windows if cleaning back there wouldn't be an issue etc.
I'd do much the same. Curtains then a wall, and a hidden door, for maintenance.
Fabric panelled walls, to disguise the door and in wall surround speakers. The door would be
gasketed and have it's mass beefed up, to maintain a low noise floor in the theater.

One row of four seats, and I'd be thinking a baffle wall up front. The av rack would be outside
the theater. I'd want a dark fabric "cave" with beefed up (and zoned) lighting for some wow factor.

The projection throw might work for embedding the projector in the back wall, in a hush box.

Might be tempted to soffit the four walls...


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That quick sketch helps! Heck, if the rack cables were made long into a single cord bundle with extra length, perhaps the AV rack could roll out into the rec room just enough to allow access, negating the need for a door. No issues with a couple feet front and back making it a square? Audio is still WAY up in the air. I originally wanted Danley stuff but it looks like the speakers would be too big. Something smaller/baffle wall mountable may be necessary to minimize the area behind the false wall. Def thinking EN4K screen.

Soffits may be necessary to help with cooling/air circulation. Not sure how to supply it all without dead vents and the like eating up the rec space next to it.

More stuff for me to chew on. If anyone else has ideas, please toss them out there. And thanks Tedd!
I think Ted is right, his layout would work very well, but maybe just thick curtains on the back wall could do the trick, maintaining the windows? It's a lot cheaper and simple, and flexible in case you want to change later. It depends of how serious you are regarding the room.
I wouldn't waste the space for the narrow space next to the windows, I would build right over them with the techniques discussed in many other threads, They can still look normal, put some blinds in the closed position and then build a wall in front of them.
Cooling needs aren't going to be as extensive with four bodies and maybe a projector in the room.
And maybe the upper area of the baffle wall and that upper "dead" space in the back gets leveraged
for HVAC.

Big, I do have to wonder about future cleaning of the windows, and maybe repairs, if those windows aren't accessible...
But it's always an option. But with a 19' deep room and one row of seating, and a shallow baffle wall, you could trade
off some depth and still find a good balance between screen size, brightness, and keeping the seating off the surrounds.

How about Procellas?

I sent you a pm too, with some room examples.
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take a look at the windows you will probably discover they are glazed from the outside meaning they can be repaired from the outside. At my place I covered a couple double hung windows in my walkout basement. I removed the inside locking mechanism and screwed the windows tightly closed with stainless steel screws from the outside if I ever need to open them for "cleaning". The only reason I could see is if something crawled up and died in plain sight.
Don't count on repairing a window without access to both sides. Even if outside glazed, the glass is set into tape or adhesive that needs to be cut away from the inside.
Are those glazed windows or are they vinyl?
I can't say for certain. I'd need to go take another look.
Got an appt to see the house again on Monday. Will look at/take closer pics of the windows.
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