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I just bought my first nice speaker set up! Although a lot of set ups in this forum make me green with envy I'm hoping this is a good first step. I now have a pair of Paradigm Monitor 11 V.6's on a Marantz SR5005 that were used for $500. While I think I made off with a nice deal ive found it hard to gauge the value of used and discontinued gear. On that note there's a black scuff on the white mid woofer surround, is it possible to safely clean it?

Anyway how's that for a pick up and any thought on the gear's performance? Translating my experience with superb (imo) headphones, I would say the bass lacks that last bit of punch. As far as I've heard there may be an element here or there in music that could be brought forward a tad, though I need more time to confirm this. Otherwise they've been great and are fantastic with movies!

On an aside I've been experimenting with my old klipsch promedia satellite as a center which has been ok, so the top of my list will be adding a sub then a better matching center.
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