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HOWTO: Get HD4670 to work with Onkyo 606 ("And maybe a few other receivers")

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Hi all,

I've spent most of my day trying to get my ATI HD4670 to play nice with my Onkyo 606 and Sharp LCD. However, I ran into the same problems as most other did, finding the hdmi audio "not plugged in", once up and running, the speakers would only play stereo, etc. etc. Most of the problems that everyone else have experienced. However, there is a sollution that works on the Onkyo, and might work on a few more.

Forget about driver problems, there are none. None that affect these problems. The sollution is for Windows vista but might give you a hint how to solve the stereo only problem in other OS's.

1) Make sure to get Catalyst 08.12 from ATI/AMD's website

2) Get Realtek HD Audio Codecs Driver 2.09 Windows Vista(32/64)

3) Connect the (DVI/DVI2HDMI) to HDMI Input 1 on the Onkyo

4) Turn of Audio TV Out on the Onkyo (Setup - Hardware Setup - HDMI)

5) Go into Windows Sound controll Panel and configure your speakers.

Not only will the HDMI out work once you've connected your HD4670 to HDMI Input 1 on the Onkyo. Turning off Audio TV Out will force Windows to recognize the Onkyo instead of the stereo channels on your TV.

In other words, try switching between your HDMI Inputs on the receiver. Once you get the sound up and running in stereo. Go into your receivers setup and disable any kind of sound passed through to the TV. We do not want Windows to recognize the TV's speakers.

I hope this will help. Please make sure to reply if the sollution worked for you!
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Hi, I was just reading your post and it got me thinking if my problem is related (see http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1100784 )

My HDMI cable is connected to a Panasonic Plasma tv and the optical output of this tv is then connected to my receiver. The reason why I do it like this has to do with my receiver. It's a bit old and doesn't have any HDMI inputs. In fact, it has only one digital input. My idea was to have all devices connected to the TV's HDMI inputs (DVD, htpc and dvb) and loop the one digital audio cable to the receiver. So far, this worked for the dvd player and the dvb box.

In the htpc however, I'm unable to select any other setup than 2 speaker stereo. Maybe this is because vista is seeing only the 2 speakers of my tv?

Do you think there is a solution for me as well? My tv won't let me make any selections as you descibe in your Onkyo receiver. Maybe I can set something in windows?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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