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Howto use a QuantumData-780 to debug an HDMI connection?

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I have, at home, the right conditions to learn about using my QD-780 skillfully.

I just need your help!

I have an HDI Dune HD Base 3.0 media streamer connected to my Anthem Statement D2v pre-pro via HDMI.

Some BDMV folders are just not read correctly. I can hear the sound come through but no picture. When this happens I also do not have access to any menu functions except the Stop button.

When Stop is pressed I can go back to the Dune menu.

I thought that maybe if I connected my QD-780 in between I could debug the situation.

But what to look for?

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First, make sure your 780 is up to date. There's a new software release on the Quantum Data website just a week ago that has a lot of new features that might be useful for you, such as a new installer tools menu.

You can also try playing some of those clips into the 780 and see if you can see the video on the 780 using its Video Display feature, to see if maybe it's outputting the video, but in a format that the display doesn't support.

Thanks for your help but I have solved this issue a few days after I posted this thread.

My pre-pro and my proj were set to 12-bit color depth, so my Dune streamer settled to 12-bit too.

The thing is it couldn't handle 12-bit so well (LOL) and that was the cause of the problems.

While I was trying many alternatives i tried to set the Dune to 8-bit Color depth and that was it. No more problems.

Thanks again.
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funny you should ask.

We are just releasing a new class to deal with your question. It is 4 hours in length and on Saturday at CES. Pricing is $349. If you enroll in the THX Video Level 2 training, we are offering this class for free.
www.quantumdata.com should have class information. You can also email me at [email protected] for assistance.
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