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Hoya FL-day filter on ae300

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I have just ordered myself a Hoya FL-Day filter 52mm to my ae300 and Digital Video Essentials calibration DVD (both pal/ntsc).

With this i should get better black level and more natural colors according to one on another discussion forum. I will post the result here when I'm done calibrating.
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I've used a polarizing filter on my L300. It does produce better blacks but at the cost of brightness. In dark scenes its worth it, but in light scenes its the picture is too dim in my opinion. I wonder if your experience will be different. Keep us posted.
I'm still waiting for filter and Digital Essential dvd's, hope I get them before the weekend so I can have the results posted early next week.
I've never used a FL-D filter, but I keep a ND filter on mine at all times. I'd like to try the FL-D at some point.
I've been hoping someone would try it on the AE500 :)

I have now used Hoya FL-D filter (52mm) with my Panasonic PT-AE500 for about one week (25h) and I can confirm that black levels and contrast will improve. How much? IMHO about 10-20% depending on the film and scene.

Another improvement I noticed with human skin color having more natural red levels. All this happens though with the cost of brightness, but from my point of view brightness drop was not too much and it was more than compensated with better black levels.

I am using my projector in Normal mode with lamp in Low Power mode but I'm going to test if Dynamic mode could be used to partly compensate brightness drop. I don't use Lamp High Mode because of the resulting high level of fan noise.

BTW. You need to fine tune your calibration settings. I did this with my DVE(PAL) disc (brightness, contrast and gamma levels). Depending on your screen, of course.
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Good to know, thanks.

Hello there, can anyone tell me how do I put this filter into a Sanyo Z2, and what are the results? thx
Doesn't go "into" a Sanyo, it is a lens filter which is placed on the outside right in the lens, much like a photography camera lens. Trouble is, they rarely "fit" the way they do on camera's. Anyone here with a Z2 have some advice as to how Le_Duke can attach the filter? Or does it somehow coincidently work normal?
Jolly & xenofin, does this filter just attach to the AE500U lens? Do you screw it in or do you attach it another way?
Screws in, just like on a camera.

Brajesh, I just gently pushed it on the lens, no need to screw in or attach other ways. Perfect match! However, you need long fingernails to get it out later when you need to clean it :). I use very small screwdrivers used by clocksmiths, though.
Thanks guys. Which is the right 52mm FL-D filter though?

- One

- Two

Get the HMC filter: Option One.

It's "multi-coated" and is a better, more expensive lens.
Okay, off to order it... Thanks!
Heh, I ordered #1 myself. Ah well.
does it fit on the Z2, like on the Panasonic?
I got my filter. I didn't care for it--I like the picture w/o it. I'll offer it to anyone who wants it for $15 shipped! It fits nicely half-way inside the projector's lens threading w/o screwing it in. Just send me a PM.
Originally posted by Brajesh
I got my filter. I didn't care for it--I like the picture w/o it. I'll offer it to anyone who wants it for $15 shipped! Just send me a PM.
Did you recalibrate your PJ after installing the filter, especially contrast and "brightness". I have been using an ND2+ filter with my Panny PT-L200U for over six months and am thrilled with the results, but did have to adjust contrast and brightness at first. I run the PJ in economy mode on a matte white screen.
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