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hi guys

i have been reading these forums for a while now plus the uk av forums.

At the moment i own a panasonic ptae100 , had it for two years.

All this talk of the themescene h30 has got me interested so i have gone ahead and ordered one should be here by the weekend .

What i would like advice on is at the moment i use a hoya fl-day lens filter 55mm with the panasonic .Can this be used with the h30?.Also at the moment my screen size is 8ft from a distance of about 13ft do you think this will be to close for the themescene h30.I have worked out the size for the h30 screen size from there website and it should project about a 7ft image from that distance.Just one last thing ...rainbows are there as bad as people makeout,only seen a sim2 in action did not notice any .Can you tell me what is the best film to show up rainbows?

I am from the uk is the themescene h30 any different from ntsc and pal version.They say on the website optimized for europe.

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