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After trolling the long thread on the HP from months ago, I made the move to a 2335 for my new Mac G5 D2.5 with the Nvidia 6800 Ultra installed. Having long hours on other peoples Apple 23 LCDs, I can attest to the fact that the HP is stunning with this setup. I see no difference between the HP & the Apple, but see a big difference in the price and the connectivity. I have Voom going to the component input and use the PIP more and more.

All ratios work with the Voom box set to 1080 - Looks great.

I'm missing out on 2 fire and 2 usb ports from the Apple - Big Deal !!!

Apples sexy pedestal - Didn't notice after 10 minutes. Another Big Deal !

The Apple system knows there's a 2335 connected and shows it in the monitors control panel. I have yet to even consider any calibration. Why mess with greatness Huh? Looks perfect here. I'll admit the Ultra card is a bit of overkill for a single 23, but it's nice to know that a second 2335 wouldn't touch the performance of the box.

It wouldn't slow down with the new Dell 24 that's coming next month either (or 2) at 1199 retail - think 2K for 2 very soon.

Lesson Learned Here - I think I got in with LCD in the office at the right time (if there is such a thing) and it looks like there's bigger and better stuff coming.

Apple is Deving a 40 right now - my thoughts are wait to see what the other guys do with the same supplier and panel. SOHO never looked better.

Big thanks to the previous thread and all who made my decision easy.

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