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HP laptop HDMI plays video on TV but no audio, ATI HD audio device not plugged in

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Dear Forum members,

I have an HP Pavilion laptop, dv6-2057-cl with windows 7, 64 bit and an HDMI port that I can connect to my TV and get beautiful video, but no audio.

I go to my PLAYBACK DEVICES and see the "ATI HDMI Output...ATI high definition Audio Device Not Plugged In" option for playback, but I can't use it.

There is a red arrow pointing down, I guess signifying that it is not plugged in. I have researched and several people have mentioned to make this the default. I right click and this option is grayed out so I am not able to do so.

I have also read that this was not an issue with windows Vista, but I never tried it with that. I see several similar threads here, but none seemed to help my situation.

I can still hear the sound from my speakers, not the TV and I am unable to get it "plugged in", even if I plug in my HDMI cable to my TV.

Video is great! Just no sound.

My display adapter is AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200

Sound is ATI High Definition Audio Device

ATI High Definition Audio Codec

I see lots of references to something called Realtek, but I did a search on my laptop and didn't find any files with the name "Realtek"


Thanks for reading!

Mike in St. Louis
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Just ignore anything related to Realtek. I think it will just confuse you.

What Catalyst Driver are you using? I'm betting it's older. Install Catalyst 11.8.

Of course - that specific HP laptop has to be in the AMD mobile driver program. Not all laptops are in this program - it's up to the MFG (HP) to enroll the model in this.
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