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Hello all, I have an HP m9060n (decent computer unforturnately running Vista) and I recently switched out the video card with the Powercolor 4850. I have it hook up to my Panasonic th-65pz850u plasma through my Pioneer receiver, all with HDMI cables. Two questions/problems.

1. Does the TV/receiver need to be on when I turn on the computer? If they aren't the computer locks up before it gets to the Welcome screen.

2. When I leave the computer on for a little while (downloading videos etc in the background), the computer stays on (not in sleep mode), but the signal to the TV cuts out. When I move the mouse or hit the keyboard nothing happens.. Most of the time I have to restart the computer and occasionally I can put the computer to sleep (using the keyboard) and then wake it back up. If I change the power settings in Vista to not allow the monitor to shut off, the computer turns off. My computer would do something similar with the original video card (an Nvidia 8500GT, I believe) so I have to believe it has something to do with HDMI, the plasma TV or vista.


Other than that, everything works great if I turn the TV/receiver on before the computer tries to load video drivers at the welcome screen and when I'm actively using the computer.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.
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