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Hey all, I have an hp slimline pc with windows 7 and hdmi output connected to my mitsubishi 73 inch dlp tv wd-73c9, everything went fine except my desktop of the computer on the tv screen is cut off about 5% all the way around as if it is zoomed in a hair or as if overscan on the tv is causing it (not sure).

The video card in the hp is an amd/ati radeon hd 6450 I went thru the catylist advanced settings, regular listed display settings etc but couldn't find anything to adjust to fix this, currently it is output to 1920x1080 and looks amazing outside of this slight zoom in/overscan type thing.

Even thought maybe the tv mode was it, but matter what format i put the tv in (currently 1080p no stretch mode), it appears fine but just a slight bit of overscan on all 4 sides.

I got the bright idea of trying a program called power strip, and thought it would fix my problem yet in the options area of advanced timing adjustment it's greyed out (can't do it) dunno if it's a support issue for windows 7 or for my specific graphics card but that didn't work either...

Spent the last few hrs here trying to figure out what to do to get my desktop into full view here without any luck, any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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