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Hey guys,

Just picked up a used slimline PC and installed XP. I wanted to use it lile a little media box, so I installed a heigh height Nvidia 9300se from another PC into this one...the card has HDMI out. Looks great on the plasma, but I get no sound.

When I look at the board, there is a little 3 pin connector and the same 3 pin connector can be seen on the video card. I'm guessing I need a 3 pin to 3 pin cable? Right on the board it says "SPDIF_OUT2" and on the card it says input.

Here is a pic of the board, same connector is on the video card:

Am I on the right path to getting audio over my HDMI connection? Where do I get such a cable? I googled but the cables I saw look like 2 pin connectors.

Thanks for your help!
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