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Hi, I have been having a serious problem with my Directv/Tivo HR10-250 lately. I am trying to desparately to find a solution.

Problem: The remote control's interaction with the menuing system has gone haywire. Almost every command I enter on the remote takes anywhere from 1 to 8 or 9 keypresses to take effect. It doesn't matter which menu I am in, or whether I am pausing, playing, whatever. If I am in a menu like the list or guide, and I hit the up/down keys, it will turbo scroll all the way to the top or bottom. The only way to stop the scroll is to hit the arrow right and hope it stops somewhere near what you want. This is incredibly frustrating. Whenever it is like this, the power light turns to yellow. It will often stay yellow for 10-15 minutes afterward, as if it were always busy. Otherwise, the player/recorder works great, as it always has for me.

Debugging: Here is what I have tried/determined so far.

1) It is not the remote(and I use the standard tivo remote that came with the box). I took a remote from another tivo I have and tried it. The behaviour was the same.

2) I have not added any new devices to the room. No new phones, game systems, remotes, or anything.

3) If I use the controls on the front of the Tivo, it works just fine.

4) I reset the remote channel to 0, but it has had no effect. From these first four items it seems to me the issue is clearly not the remote. It seems it must be either the software or hardware that directly affects the infrared remote handling.

5) I am running software version 6.3b.

6) I reset my suggestions and todo lists and have no season passes. I had tried clearing those out, but it made no difference.

7) There are breif moments when it works fine, but they tend to only last for a few minutes and they don't happen very often. Maybe once a day at best. It seems to me that this must indicate a hardware issue -- after all, wouldn't software create a more consistent breakage?

I hope someone can help. I have not called DTV for help yet. I strongly suspect that they will have me clear my hard drive, that this will make no difference, and then there suggestion will be for me to send back the $300 unit I bought from them less than two years ago, so that they can replace it with a leased box on a two year commitment that they still charge me box fees, dvr fees, etc for and, quite frankly, is not as good of a unit as the HR10-250 has been. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Check the room for stray infrared interference.

This could be from another remote with a sticky key,

remote stuck under a cushion, buttons get pushed when sitting on said cushion.

Some have reported this problem cropped up when they got a Plasma TV.

Fabbing up something to block stray light from the TV from getting to the remote window on the HR10 sometimes works.

Some have also reported interference from compact florescent lighting.

Then, of course, there's the ever popular "Have you tried a reboot?"


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Munny, I'm having a similar problem. I have been using a remote extender from Xantech for 2 years with no problems. Right around the time I received 6.3a (not sure it was a result of or a cooincidence), the remote extender stopped working, and even without, the Tivo is very unresponsive. Sometimes keystrokes don't work, sometimes it ques up several keystrokes, and then does them all quickly.

I've dont the following;

1) Tried a new Xantech remote sensor

2) Tried two new Xantech remote emitters

3) Tried new wires

4) Tried a new front panel for the Tivo from Weaknees.com (replacement IR sensor)

5) Replaced the power supply in the Tivo

None of this has helped. At this point I think it's something with the 6.3 software update...joe
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