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The title says it all.

I have this unit and it's had these problems since I've had it (3 days).

1. Locks up when attempting to pause or rewind Live HD programming, always.

2. Locks up when attempting to pause or rewind Live SD programming, somtimes.

3.Records a progam and lists it, but nothing is there. SD so far, I'm actually afraid (not really) to try HD recording.

4. Won't advance channels when making a new "favorites list". Gets stuck and I have to re-enter that portion of the menu.

5. Has two DVRs, but only one can be accessed , so it's not like my other dual DVR where I could "buffer" two programs on either drive, and watch either one. Essentially with the length of commercials with two drives buffering programs I could switch back and forth and in 45minutes watch two 1/2 hr. programs.

It's as if the other drive and tuner do not exist unless you are recording a program and need to watch the other "feed" or are recording two programs.

The menu is nearly identical to the basic SD STB that DirecTV provides. I was really looking forward to something more advanced and all I got was a lot of the same.

I'm calling tommorow to have them come and replace it. It's obviously dysfunctional and I don't want it. I've got the protection plan so they better honor it. Other wise I'll sic the wife on them.

Couple of questions till then:

1. Is this a software issue and will they attempt to not replace it and tell me to wait for the new software to be updated (via phone line)?

2. Are there other products available that have 2 DVRs in them that I'm not aware of, I haven't seen any on the market (third party)?

3. What does DirecTV do when you choose not to use their equipment, how does the whole "card" thing work? Is there a slot in the thirdparty hardware for my "card"?

Now follow me on this one

4. There are HD dual tuners w/ single DVRs in them. I rarely have the problem with recording conflicts (need to record two shows at once), so if the other drive in this HR20-700 can't be used till that happens, isn't a dual tuner HD receiver with a single DVR the same damn thing, other then not having the ability to record two programs at once?

If so.....

5. What unit would you guys recommend, if I can convince DirecTV to take this P.O.S (as of now) back?

6. Or is it absolutely neccessary for me to have the newest HD reciever from DirecTV to access the most amount of HD channels and Third Party hardware will be a mistake?

Thanks a bunch for any replies and if you need more info lemme know....

GO PATS......

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Ok I feel pretty stupid.

But if any one searches this subject or particular receiver model number I'll add this to help them.

Use the restart DVR option to clear up any replay, or bad menu problems.

Did the trick.

Even the stored shows that wouldn't play have "returned", apparently they were never gone.

I can pause, rewind and FF, both SD and HD programming now.

It's in your menu options and does not erase any programming you've recorded.

There's also other reboot options that erase your programming but essentially reformat the whole drive , if this first reset of the DVR doesn't do the trick.

Happy Viewing Everyone.....
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