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HR20 sound went buggy, sigh

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Ah well here goes, got a brand new receiver out the box...

Not sure it worked fine for the first day, but after the first day it did a firmware update.

Well, end result is as follows:

1) All dolby digital audio channels work fine on Audio

2) all non dolby digital audio channels (except for a few music ones like 825), have what sounds like wind buffeting in them, very annoying. I have tried replacing the amp, using different audio outputs, using different cables, using different speakers, etc etc - its definitely the receiver...... I have also played with about every possible option i could see in the setup menus (especially related to audio)

I called directv and they dont know what is going on or dont want to say anything. Very annoying, right now im not paying the monthly on that DVR, but i cant watch most channels.

Directv service has really gotten poor over the last few years.

Anyone have the same problem, or any ideas?

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i just thought i should add directv now have the worst customer service ever
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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