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HS-24 ported cabinet

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FS: HS-24 ported cabinet

**********************************This Cabinet Has Been Sold********************************

I built this cabinet a couple months ago for the living room. Then decided to put the HS-24 in the theater. Now the cabinet is just sitting behind the couch. Just trying to get the cost of materials back.


The rough dimension are 81"W 32"T 24"W tuned to 17Hz. It weighs between 400-500 pounds before the driver. It took 6 sheets of 3/4 MDF, with very little left over. Double baffle, double top, double sides.
Im selling it for $350. The paint job on the top is worth $700 alone. I'm an automotive painter, so it's free to me. It's priced low enough to consider shipping it (Jacksonville FL). Check out the build thread. Also, check out all my other build threads, I do very high quality builds. No, it does not come with the HS-24.


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