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Preface & Notice:

Originally I created this for my own personal use, it's now gone beyond that and I'd like to share it all with you guys. I have missed some people for credit(s) as a lot of the info I wrote down long ago(Sorry!).

Reposted as it's own topic w/ the permission of Alan.

The best place to read the HS-10 info is: http://hs10.cnchost.com/

Additionally there are a lot of Pics and Screenshots there.


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| (___ ___ _ __ _ _ | |__ ___ /_ | ___

\\___ \\ / _ \\| '_ \\ / / / / | '_ \\/ __| | |/ _ \\

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|_____/ \\___/|_| |_|__ / |_| |_|___/ |_|\\___/

/ /


"The Cineza"

____________________________________________________________ __

FAQ version 1.0a

By Nosfentaru
[email protected]

____________________________________________________________ __

Last updated: 12/07/2002

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Version History

III. Specifications

IV. Inputs

V. Common Questions

VI. HTPC Information

VII. Technical Support

VIII. Maintenance

IX. Technology

X. Screen Shots

XI. Service Menu

XII. Mounts

XIII. Throw Length

XIV. Unanswered Questions

XV. For future use

XVI. Credits

XVII. Legal Info


//// I. Introduction \\\\\\\\\\\\


This FAQ is meant to serve as a consolidated

source of information on the HS-10. If you are an

owner, this guide should give you all the information you

need to maintain and tweak your HS-10 and if you are

contemplating buying one, this guide is meant to give you

the information you need to decide.


//// II. Version History \\\\\\\\\\\\


Version 1.0 And here it begins :)

Version 1.0a - Updated Throw Distance information

- Added a common question(switching inputs)


//// III. Specifications \\\\\\\\\\\\


Digital Home Entertainment LCD Projector

Three WXGA LCD Panels, Single Lens Projector System (.87 p-si TFT Panels)

Resolution: 3.1 megapixel 1366x768 Dots x3

Ratio: 16:9 Native

Lens: Powered Lens Zoom/Focus (F. No. 1.7-2.1 / f 33.6-42mm)

Zoom: 1.3 Times

Side Shot 2 Digital Keystoning

ANSI Lumens: 1200 (1000 in Cinema Black)

MemoryStick® Media Playback (JPEG Still Images)*

CineMotion Reverse 3-2 Pulldown Technology

Ceiling Or Table Mount Capable

Contrast Ratio: 700:1

Ultra Quiet Fan (30 db)

Built-In Speaker 2w x 1 Mono For MemoryStick Media Only*

Lamp 180w UHP

3D gamma revision circuit and 3D Comb Filter

1.3 Times Zoom Lens Motorized Focus (Controlled from Remote)

Detachable Cinema Filter

Screen Size: 40-300"

Input Video Signals 480i/480p/1080i/720p

Video Processor: Unknown (also known as Line Doubler)

Scanning Frequency: fh 19-72khz, fv 48-92hz


Physical Dimensions (W/H/D): 345 x 148 x 369mm or 13.6" x 5.8" x 14.5"

Weight: 5.4kg or 11.9 lbs

100-240V 50/60Hz

MSRP: $2,999

Included Accessories:

Manual, remote, batteries, power cord, extra air filter,

cinema filter, pj multi cable. No DVI Cable is included.


//// IV. Inputs \\\\\\\\\\\\


The HS-10 accepts a myriad of different connections.

On the back of the HS there are connectors for:

-S-Video 4-pin


-RGB (Y,Pa/Ca,Pr/Cr)

-DVI-D HDCP Compliant (Dual Link connector*)

-Mini USB-B (For Service only)

-PJ-Multi Sony Propietary Interface

-Sony Memory Stick Slot

On the *included* PJ-Multi Cable (SICHS41)

-RGB (Y,Pa/Ca,Pr/Cr)


-S-Video 4-pin

Optional SICHS30 PJ-Multi Cable

-VGA Output (May be limited to 1024x768)

-Mini-din Stereo Output

*Unconfirmed if the unit supports Dual Link or just Single Link.

Many DVI Plugs are Dual Link Compatible but the actual chipset

only supports Single Link.


//// V. Common Questions \\\\\\\\\\\\


Q. How long does the HS10 take to switch between inputs?

A. Roughly 1-2 seconds. You should turn autodetection off on all

your inputs(or atleast the ones you don't use) to minimize the

amount of time it takes to switch inputs.


//// VI. HTPC Information \\\\\\\\\\\\


The Sony VPL HS-10 looks to be a great Projector for HTPC

applications. Currently there have only been reports of

Radeon Video Card owners being able to get the HS10 to

display in its native resolution.

In order to run the HS10 in it's native resolution you

must first download and install Powerstrip:

Untick hide resolutions this monitor will not display in your

display properties on your HTPC.

And add the following:

Powerstrip settings Preset # 51(1366X768)

PowerStrip timing parameters:


Generic timing details for 1366x768:

HFP=65 HSW=142 HBP=207 kHz=44 VFP=1 VSW=3 VBP=21 Hz=56

Linux modeline parameters:

"1366x768" 79.046 1366 1431 1573 1780 768 769 772 793 -hsync -vsync

Additionally you may need to turn vertical keystone corrections

off on the HS10 if you have any vertical banding.


//// VII. Technical Support \\\\\\\\\\\\


Sony US

Phone: 1-800-282-2848

Email: [email protected]

Another great place to receive help is AVS.


//// VIII. Maintenance \\\\\\\\\\\\


Q. How often should I clean the air filter?

A. Every time the lamp is changed. You should also replace

the air filter annually.

Cleaning the Air filter steps:

1. Remove the air filter from the front of the projector.

2. Wipe the air filter with a cloth moistened with water or neutral

detergent, and wipe with a dry cloth.

Q. How do I clean my projector?

A. Use a soft cloth to remove dust from the projector housing,

then remove surface dirt and smudges from the projection lens.

Q. How should I adjust the HS10 for the optimum picture quality?

A. Coming soon.


//// IX. Technology \\\\\\\\\\\\


Sideshot 2 Digital Keystoning - Digital horizontal and

vertical keystone adjustment capabilities with the

press of a button to align the picture effortlessly.

This technology allows you to place the projector off

axis to the screen in order to save space in the center

of the room. (Not available via HTPC)

Picture Modes - Choose from 3 preset picture modes that

best suit the source and viewing environment.


DVI-HDTV Interface (Digital Visual Interface) - Has been

added for the latest generation in high definition

television connectivity. A single wire delivers a full

digital uncompressed HD signal that can be received

from any DVI set top box.

Wide Modes - Allow the user to toggle through seven wide

modes using the remote control. For 4:3 sources the


and WIDE ZOOM. For 16:9 sources the choices are FULL


MemoryStick Playback(JPEG/MPEG1) Input - plays JPEG images

in the DCF file format, or MPEG1 movies.


//// X. Screen Shots \\\\\\\\\\\\


You can view Screenshots of the HS10, various accessories for it,

screendoor shots and various other information beyond the scope

of this FAQ at http://hs10.cnchost.com/


//// XI. Service Menu \\\\\\\\\\\\


At this point not much is known about the service menu,

if there is even one. Most believe the menu is accessed

through the Mini USB-B connector as it serves no other



On the Remote press (menu) (enter) (enter) (left) (enter), when

it asks "do you want to enter the factory mode?" hit (up) and

you will enter the service menu!


//// XII. Mounts \\\\\\\\\\\\


Mounts known to function with the Sony VPL HS-10

Sony Ceiling Mount PSS-610 ~$300

Chief RPA-020 Inverted Mount ~$200

Peerless PJRL-SNY1 Mount ~$200 ($150 at avmall)

There are 3 methods to mount a projector to your ceiling

-Flush mount to suitable ceilings (i.e. drywall) requires no

additional equipment, except the mount itself.

-Flush mount to a drop or suspended ceiling requires a

suspended ceiling kit.

-When flush mount is not possible or desired, BOTH a column AND

a ceiling plate must be purchased in addition to this mount.

The HS10 has the same socket configuration as the Sony VPLVW10HT

so any mount that works for the 10HT should work for the HS1.

Money Saving Tip!

The Peerless mount uses a ceiling plate and mounting plate that you

can order an adjustable pipe for the mount or fixed length pipes

which are actually just standard 1 1/2" NPT threaded pipe painted

black. You can just buy the ceiling plate and the mount for the

11/12HT and then go down to Home Depot and bought a pipe. A 12"

Peerless pipe was $22, You can purchase a 12" steel pipe for $2.99

and painted it with some black texured spray paint. Since you can

buy any length you need you don't need an adjustable pipe.

The round Peerless ceiling plate has a hole in it for you to bring

the cable out so you don't have an ugly hole in the ceiling next to

the mount, the hole in the sheetrock is hidden under the ceiling


Instead of paying $110 for the adjustable column why don't you buy the

length of pipe you need at Home Depot. They have read made 12" NPT

threaded steel pipes for $2.99 and all you have to do is paint it

black. You can have them cut and thread a pipe to exactly the length

you want for alot less than $100!


//// XIII. Throw Length \\\\\\\\\\\\


There is a spreadsheet available for the exact Throw Length

for the Sony HS-10.


If you don't have access to MS Excel, you can also use Projector

Central's calculator from:

It doesn't have the Sony HS-10 as an option so choose the Sony

VPL-VW10HT [16:9]. The throw distance between the HS10 and 10HT

are not the same, however you should still be within an inch or so.


//// XVI. Unanswered Questions \\\\\\\\\\\\


If you can answer any of these questions please email me!
[email protected] . If you want to submit a question

about the HS10 you'd like included in this FAQ please make

sure it isn't answered here first.

Q. What Video Processor(Line Doubler) does the HS-10 use?

Q. In the Native Resolution of 1366x768 what is the maximum

refresh rate of the HS10? Does this refresh rate vary by

connection method(VGA/DVI/Component).

Q. What is the Mini USB-B connector on the HS-10 used for?

Q. How much time does it take the HS10 to switch between inputs?

Q. Does the HS10 have a Dual-Link Transmitter?

Q. Is the internal DAC 8-bit or 10-bit?

Q. What can't be controlled through a remote? What can?

Q. Can anyone provide a close-up picture of the IFU-HS1 accessory

and what inputs it accepts?


//// XVI. Credits \\\\\\\\\\\\


Thank you to everyone at www.avsforum.com in particular:

JRWood, Ray Lam, Builty, Defiler, Houtech, Alan, Dave and a

bunch more.

If you'd like to be in the credits and you see some of your

advice above please email me: [email protected]


//// XVII. Legal Information \\\\\\\\\\\\


This guide is for personal use only. If you use any information

from this guide please give full credit to the author(s). With

the exception of the author, it is expressly forbidden to modify

this document in any way shape or form.

The information within this guide is NOT GUARANTEED and the

author(s) are not responsible for any damages caused by this

guide or following the directions within.

This guide can only be found at http://hs10.cnchost.com/

The Sony HS-10 is (c) 2002 Sony Electronics.

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Hey mate, COOL

but in regards to //// VIII. Maintenance \\\\\\\\\\\\

the air filter is underneath the unit, not in front, and in my case, my unit has done nearly 160 hours now and I am going to replace the filter as its pretty murky looking, might replace it with the spare and clean my old one for next time, and my units about a month old.

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Here's another question for anyone else who has poked through the factory mode:

- how can you adjust the height of the picture to minimize overscan for component input? I know you can use the regular menu to fix the horizontal size and H&V positions, but you can't change the height. Overscan is fixed at around 4% top and bottom. I've looked but had no success so far.


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Anybody running the HS10 with an i-mac? I have the new i-mac with the 17 inch screen and the dvd superdrive and vga output and would like to eventually get the HS10 if it mates well. Thanks.

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Regarding HTPC exactly which Radeon card do you need to get 1:1 pixel mapping trough DVI? Do you have to have the very expensive Radeon 9700 Atlantis pro model or will a cheaper model, say Radeon 7500 do the work? Any comments very appreciated since I want my HTPC to be up and running when I get the HS10 next week

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One person had a ATI 9000 Pro - I don't know exactly what video card(s) others had that got it working.

The 9700 (and also the 9500 series as it uses the same chipset) supposively gives a better picture quality.

As for the other questions - I don't know the answer, anyone else want to comment?

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I can't give any guarantees, but I suspect most Radeons cards will be able to do the native resolutions. It's probably a driver issue, and since most Radeons use the same drivers you should be fine. Just remember that you need a DVI output to get the most out of the HS-10. You could also get the HS-30 cable to get VGA output, but I'm not sure that the quality would be as good with that one.

Good luck.

I've got the 9700Pro card, and that one works like a charm at least.

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