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(updated 2/17/2003)

**HS10 FAQ
Thanks to Nosfentaru!

**Product announcement / early speculation
2002/08/31 first rumor
2002/09/11 trying to find specs
2002/09/24 CEDIA's coming!
2002/09/26 is it a killer?
2002/09/28 SuperSleuths at CEDIA

** HS10 vs. other PJs
2002/09/30 vs 11HT
2002/10/01 vs TW100
2002/10/11 vs AE300
2002/10/16 vs AE300
2002/10/19 vs 11HT
2002/10/26 hot PJ specs
2002/10/31 vs TW100
2002/11/14 vs AE300
2002/11/17 vs LT240 AE300
2002/11/18 vs Z1 Z90
2002/11/18 vs 13HD
2002/11/20 vs Z1 AE300
2002/11/23 vs Z1
2002/11/22 vs 1HD Z1
2002/11/24 vs Z1 1HD
2002/11/24 vs 10HT
2002/11/25 vs 10HT 400Q 11HT
2002/11/25 vs Z1
2002/11/30 vs 11HT 12HT
2002/12/04 vs Piano
2002/12/05 vs AE300 Z1
2002/12/10 vs M20X
2002/12/16 vs Z1
2003/01/06 vs ??
2003/01/06 vs AE300
2003/01/08 vs HT1000 LT260
2003/01/08 vs PLV-60
2003/01/09 vs Z1
2003/01/12 vs Z90
2003/01/12 vs AE300
2003/01/21 vs HT1000
2003/01/23 vs AE300
2003/01/25 vs AE300
2003/01/30 vs Z10000
2003/02/02 vs L300U
2003/02/06 vs HT1000
2003/02/10 vs L300U

** Reviews and screen shots
2002/10/19 by builty
2002/10/28 by builty
2002/10/28 by PATPMCC
2002/11/15 by johnd200 (John)
2002/11/20 by Houtech
2002/11/22 by sirdisc (Dan)
2002/11/22 by ec6412 (Ed)
2002/11/23 by ec6412 (Ed)
2002/11/27 by EricT43
2002/11/29 by jsp
2002/11/29 monster sticky thread - reviews
2002/12/05 by Henryg and Sleighted
2002/12/07 superb shots from jsp
2002/12/19 shootout in Seattle
2002/12/19 Widescreen mag rvw
2002/12/31 screen shots incl HD
2003/01/04 Seattle shootout results
2003/01/06 demo b4 buying
2003/01/06 with XBox
2003/01/07 PJ Central rvw comments
2003/01/17 runup to Austin Shootout
2003/02/15 results of Austin Shootout

**HS10 dimensions / technical specs / general info
2002/10/05 early specs discussion
2002/10/30 Aussie spec sheet
2002/11/03 U.S. spec sheet
2002/11/15 bright enough?
2002/11/19 LCD resolution
2002/11/26 dimensions
2002/11/29 monster sticky thread - general info
2003/01/20 lamp cost
2003/01/21 pix of innards
2003/01/21 delivery delays
2003/02/05 lamp cost

**Setup / installation
2002/10/23 DVI cable length
2002/10/27 DVI cable types
2002/11/12 screen size
2002/11/14 DVI cable length
2002/11/15 front exhaust / mount implics
2002/11/17 input jacks
2002/11/18 HD dish
2002/11/23 PJ-multi vs purchased cables
2002/11/26 throw distance
2002/12/18 long DVI cables
2002/12/19 ceiling mounts
2002/12/30 DVI cable doesnt fit
2003/01/02 modifications
2003/01/07 sideshot feature
2003/01/11 long DVI cables
2003/01/20 DVI single vs. dual
2003/01/23 1:1 Radeon 7500
2003/01/24 DVI single vs. dual
2003/01/25 multi-cable
2003/01/27 DVI / NVidia GEForce

** Tuning / PQ
2002/11/03 1:1 pixel mapping
2002/11/16 11HT Powerstrip settings
2002/11/17 1:1 pixel mapping
2002/11/23 Powerstrip settings
2002/11/27 Powerstrip settings
2002/12/06 tuning aft Cinema filter
2002/12/09 HTPC issues
2002/12/18 visible artifacts?
2002/12/20 black lvls / shadow dtl
2002/12/24 DVI complexities
2002/12/30 DVI settings
2002/12/30 is DVI better?
2002/12/31 Dave Boswell tweaks
2003/01/03 black levels
2003/01/04 color convergence - greens
2003/01/04 black levels
2003/01/25 color saturation
2003/01/25 RGB bias / gain
2003/01/28 dark after calibration
2003/01/30 DVI / Powerstrip probs
2003/01/31 progressive scan PQ
2003/02/09 HTPC/HiDef fun
2003/02/12 CC40R filter

**Dead pixels / problems / warranties
2002/10/24 dead pixel policies
2002/11/01 dead pixel policies
2002/11/25 dead pixel policies
2002/11/28 fan noise
2002/12/23 lamp overheating
2002/12/30 one dead pixel
2002/12/31 DOA
2003/01/02 stuck pixel detected
2003/01/03 warranty confusion
2003/01/03 lamp failure on Day 1
2003/01/08 trembling pic w/progressive
2003/01/25 screendoor
2003/01/30 edge artifacts
2003/01/31 warranty qstns
2003/02/04 blurry rattler
2003/02/08 panel misalignment
2003/02/16 afraid to buy

**Good humor
2002/11/25 dumbest reason for choosing HS10

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Tim has obviously spent a lot of time and effort and used the search engine to develop a great index for just about everything related to the HS-10.

You can use these links to easily browse through a wealth of information. Please note that most of the threads referenced have been closed. Otherwise we'd probably have a repeat of the massive HS-10 posting problem.

So, use this as a reference tool, but continue to post your HS-10 questions and info to one of the two official HS-10 threads.

Thanks again, Tim. Great Job!!

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I'll second that emotion. Members like Tim are the reason why AVS Forum is the Internet leader in home theater information and discussion. I'll even go so far as to say that I hope everyone interested in the VPL-HS10 will try out his index first before using the search engine... hopefully this will alleviate some of the burden on the servers.

Nice going, Tim! :cool:

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:eek::eek::D:D Nice work Tim!! ;):cool:

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just a thought but if i got the code for a dynafaq would the mods use it? we use this on several of my email lists. what it does is look for certain things and it would update the faq. least thats what i was told how it works. or someone could create a script that would do the same thing. this would allow the posts to continue and a faq would never really be out of date.. oh and a person doesnt have to keep updating this post or other posts since it would be done automaticly. or as someone else said in the other thread about having sub cats for the different problem projectors that get allot of posts.. maybe one for sony one for panys son on and so forth with another sub cat for compare and contrast.

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Thanks Tim!

The FAQ http://hs10.cnchost.com/ has been updated a LOT - more info just about everywhere.

I also have a forum up now allowing you to input your specifications(Projector Settings + Screen Type + HTPC(if used) Settings) so we can all compare and get our HS-10's configured to the max!

Can't wait 'til I get a HS10 myself!

Epson 6050UB projector, Denon 6300, 7.1.4 setup, M&K THX speakers and SVS subwoofer
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I just read a review of the VPL-HS10 in the latest Widescreen Review magazine. The review talks about optional lenses (e.g., longer throw) being available for this projector but gives no details.

I just did a search of this whole under $5K Digital Projector form for info on a long throw lens for the VPL-HS10 and came up with nothing.

Does anyone have any info on an optional long throw lens?

This projector looks like it would suit my needs except its throw is too short for what I need.

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The tele lens is the VPLL-CT10 according to the sony brochures. Search on that and you'll find that it costs half as much as the projector. There is a web site in Japan with tele and wide throw charts but it is in Japanese. I think the throw distance would be 15.75 feet for a 16:9 80 inch diagonal screen.

Epson 6050UB projector, Denon 6300, 7.1.4 setup, M&K THX speakers and SVS subwoofer
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I contacted two Sony dealers and they said that optional lens will NOT fit the HS10. Who knows what to believe...

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I noticed that some of you "bumped" this post. I thought I'd let you know that this thread is referenced in the hot specs thread, which we will continue to leave "stuck" at the top of the forum for the foreseeable future...

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What happened to 3 or 4 of the DVI posts linked in the list?

Sigh...probably consolidated with another thread, and now lost forever.

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I haven't seen this question under the threads above. My apologies if I missed it.

How long is it taking to others to get their HS10 projectors???

I'm going on 11 weeks since I ordered it.
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