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HS10 quick throw ratio and dvi-d distance should I bungee cord it to the ceiling?

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Can someone give me the throw ration calc, is it throw ratio x 16:9 screen width = distance projector needs to be from the wall?

Second question. If I use the DVI-D cable, 16ft is the standard, that is really my limitation. If I mount my hdtv receiver with DVI 3 feet from the ceiling that gives me no more than 13 feet to deal with.

So according to my calculations, at 12 ft, 144"...

80" wide 16:9 screen X 1.8 worst case throw ratio = 144" or 12 feet away, should match up to what i need... But on the other end of the spectrum at 1.5 we are sitting at 120", that would give me the capability to zoom to 2:35 to 1 right?

I wish I just had this thing so I could bungee cord it to the ceiling and start drawing lines on the wall!!! :)
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What is involved with ceiling mount? Is the HS10 heavy enough that reinforcement is needed in the ceiling? Where do you plug in the power, add an outlet in the attic?

My current projector is rapidly showing it's age. I'm wanting to ceiling mount this time, but just keeping my spot on the fence warm so far.
screen width time about 1.75 to 2.1 gives you the distance from the screen. The specs use screen diaganol, not screen width.
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