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HS10 Temp/Fan failure

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I have had my HS10 for less than two weeks, and I have experienced two fan failures. The first time, right after turning on the unit, the main fan on the right of the lense (looking at the front of the unit) was just kind of twitching instead of spinning. I was able to start the fan by inserting a small screwdriver through the grill and tapping the blades. It ran fine after that. The second time, the fan failed to start and within ten seconds, the projector shut down and the Temp/Fan light on the HS10 started flashing. I restarted the unit, and the fan started just fine.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of problem. I have less than 25 hours on this projector. I am debating as to whether to send it back to the vendor or have it repaired under warranty.
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Others have definitely had this problem, although I don't remember the solution or whether they just lived with it. Do a search (which you may have already tried) and hopefully you'll come up with some answers.
Originally posted by seplant
... I am debating as to whether to send it back to the vendor or have it repaired under warranty.
Do you consider this pj is behaving in a manner that is "fit for the purpose" you purchased it for?. My guess is the answer would (or at least should) be NO.

I wouldn't be hesitating for one second if my pj was behaving this way. At least by making contact with you dealer at this early stage, and nothing is actually done, you have some history to fall back on should any other problems arise.
Good point about contacting the dealer. I think I will go ahead and do that. What is making me hesitate at sending it in for warranty service at this time is I am afraid the lamp bug will crop up at some point. I don't see the fan not starting every time as a huge problem (I can work around it by tapping the blade to start it - - as long as it doesn't happen frequently). If I send it in now, then the lamp bug crops up later, I would have to pay shipping twice.

I am interested in knowing how many others out there have experienced this problem and if they sent theirs in for repair or are just living with it.
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