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HS51 and xbox

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I have a sony HS51 and I have two Hi Def Componet output units for the xbox. One is made by Microsoft, the other is a cheap generic one I got off ebay for cheap.

The cheap one works in all modes (480P, 720P, 1080I) but there is a lot of noise in the picture and it's really not very clear...just using the RCA video out looks better

the microsoft one, I can't get any image at all. I just get a signal out of range error for all modes (480P, 720P, 1080).

Has anyone else had this problem? I'd really love to get 480P working on my xbox.


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I have not used that particular cable. But make sure that the 720 and 1080 modes are turned on thru your xbox dashboard. If they are already your cable might be damaged.

If that does not work I would suggest getting the monster cable version. A little pricey, but it works great and is 10 feet long.
Thanks lawnarjax, I did try setting all the combos of modes on the xbox bios, with the cheap xbox HD pack they all work, but look crappy...with the microsoft HD pack, regardless of what setting I used in the xbox video bios config I get the singal out of range error. I'll probably end up trying out that monster cable version.
Hey, I just wanted to post I followup. I got the monster HD pack, and it works prefectly. It looks great...thanks for your help!
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