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HSF Cooler inside MCE303 Case

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I am unable to get a hold of ZEROtherm coolers in my part of the world. What other options do I have for quiet cooling that will fit in this case (~75mm in height)?

Zalman 8000 is designed for this scenario but the noise levels leave much to be desired,

Zalman 8700NT has no temperature/fan speed control,

Zalman 8700 LED does a bit better having such, but it is still considerably noisy,

Zalman 7500 Cu is only slightly quieter,

Thermaltake Silent 775D could arguably fit although is made from Aluminium and not Copper.

Am I passing over any (other) options?
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You don't think that the Zalman 8700 NT has good noise levels? I was hoping that it would make a good low-profile cooler.

I have an MCE 301 with this cooler:


It's OK. I would think that a PWM controlled cooler like the 8700 NT wouldn't have the non-PWM noise that this has.
Thanks heaps.

I'm gonna try and order in the Nexus PHT-7750 and give it a shot. It's exactly what I'm looking for (low-profile and Cu).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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