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Hsu book shelfs :)

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Has anyone here demoed some hsu bookshelfs speakers + center channel setup?

Im thinking of buying some and may drive 30 minutes to hsu store to demo them.

Iv read some positive reviews,they say if you sit directly center of the speakers they will sound a bit "nasal" but when off axis you''ll get a perfect tone from the speakers. they also say that the performance is excellent and they do put out flat frequency response. I also might get some Klipsch speakers I kinda want to toss my sony setup. what are your opinions on HB-1 MK2 and HC-1 MK2?

I do want seaton speakers but i can't afford them
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do a thread search on "HSU HB-1 MK2" and you will get a large number of hits where these speakers have been discussed on this Speaker forum.
I am currently demo'ing these after having demo'ed SVS's SBS-01/SCS.

Granted I am no audio expert, nor did I push each very hard, but I was impressed by both systems.

Overall, the HSU's did seem more 'clearer' to me. I watched HERO (standard DVD, not blu-ray) for both and battle scenes were extremely precise with the HSU's.

Overall, they seemed to be very solid to me and have a nice professional look.
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They look similar to JBL's HT5's:


Which is what I own (3 HT4's and 4 HT5's for surround). The sound is unbelievable for their size.
I really like mine...low distortion, clear, does not seem to create its own sound, but merely reproducing the sound track...at least in comparison to other speakers I own. I have heard no "nasal" sound at all.
I have some HSU's and I love 'em. I don't think they sound nasal when you are listening in front of them though? Maybe they sound that way off-axis, but they are crystal clear on axis. Whoever said that probably let the appearance of the speaker influence their perception of its sound. If the grill was left on and they had no idea about the tweeter, I doubt they would have that perception. To be honest, I am not even sure what nasal is supposed to mean in regards to a speaker.
The MK1 version was at times thought to have a "nasally" sound. The crossover was revised and the MK2 does not have that problem.
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