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HSU vs. ?

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I am looking for a 5.1 set of speakers, and so far I think I want to go with the HSU ventriliquist set ($449 + shipping).

I have heard many good reviews eventhough I can't audition them, unless I move to CA or if I find some owners (Chicagoland).

I just want to know if there is anything worth the HSU, but in bookshelf style (vs satellite) for about the same price (less than $500), without sacrificing quality?

I have a small room (10x10x8) and I am not an audiophile, so a small variance in quality is acceptable.
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I would get the performance 2 package... its a bit more but you'll appreciate the extra extension of the sub.
SVS SBS-5.0 package.....I have them and I love them.

I have them paired with an SVS sub too
I am here to vouch for HSU Research I have owned the 1220TN sub for years now and it is top rate stuff I'm sure anything they do will work well!
thanks for the advice, I appreciate!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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